Ventimiglia market, 1h10 from our cottages at Bar sur Loup, 1h from our holiday apartments in Mougins

Every Friday, hundreds of French people cross the Italian border to reach the famous market of Ventimiglia (Ventimiglia in Italian) which extends in a splendid frame, along the waterfront of the new city.

It must be said that this open market from 6 am to 5 pm is really worth seeing and that the prices are really very low. You can find everything, and when you say it all, it’s really everything: clothes of all kinds, beauty products, food, handicrafts, toys for children, improbable gadgets and the list is far to be exhaustive. In this vast weekly market, there is a good-natured and colorful atmosphere, and you can spend hours just strolling along the stalls that are full of heterogeneous objects.

The sellers are all bilingual and if you do not speak the language of Dante, you can shop in French without any problem. Expect cash, very few merchants are indeed equipped with machine for payment by credit card.

And if the crowd is putting you off, why not cross the border another day. We will show you our good places to shop cheaply.