The Mercantour, a national park in the heart of an exceptional environment, 1h50 from our holiday cottages of Bar sur Loup and Mougins.

Backed by the border of Italian Piedmont, the Mercantour Massif is the last promontory of the alpine arc to the south, before its brutal dive into the Mediterranean. At an altitude of 3143 m, Gélas is the highest peak of the Mercantour, just 50 km from the sea as the crow flies!

You will discover a wide variety of landscapes, plants and animals that you will not find anywhere else! In addition to its natural heritage, the park offers a very valuable cultural heritage (the Vallée de Merveilles, with its engravings).

But the Mercantour, it is also small villages with preserved charm where it is good to stroll and savor the present moment admiring the old stones loaded with history, or to taste the simple pleasure of the song of the water of the fountains. Many herds liven up the mountain pastures during the summer and the shepherds make cheeses with an incomparable taste (remember to ask us our good addresses!).

Spend a day of family holidays in the Mercantour Park, this is an opportunity to go hiking in the shade of larch or in the heart of pastures. Not to mention watching the marmots frolicking (We’ll show you the best places to watch them).

The pass of the Bonnette

Departing from Saint Etienne de Tinée, the road of the pass and the top of Bonette is the highest road in Europe. It rises to 2860 meters above sea level !!! After having discovered the waterfalls of Vens, then crossed the hamlets of Pra and Bousieyas (highest hamlet of the Alpes-Maritimes) you will pass forests of larches to alpine pastures before discovering a 360 ° panorama.

Discover the wolves of Mercantour at Parc Alpha

Without taking yourself for the Little Red Riding Hood, there is a very simple way to observe the wolves on the French Riviera: Alpha Park.
Located between 1500 m and 1800 m altitude, the Parc Alpha invites all year round the walker to immerse himself in the life of the 3 packs of wolves. The opportunity to discover the environment of the wolf in the shelter of carriages especially studied for the observation.

In the central zone of the Mercantour Park, wolves live in semi-liberty alongside new boarders, chamois and hares, which are difficult to observe in the wild.

In the summer, a unique spectacle of falconry plunges visitors back into the medieval era, while the little ones discover fascinated, the small educational farmhouse held by Marie, Auguste’s little girl, two characters to discover in one of the 3 scenographies.
On opening days, the healers and animators explain to the visitors the life of the packs and the behavior of each wolf during feeding. The Alpha Park also allows some to access their dream: become a healer for a day. Accompanied by professionals of the park, the healer for a day puts himself in the skin of an animal and rubs the wolves closer. A snack and a picnic area will allow you to enhance the beautiful day you spend at Alpha Park.

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To observe the wolves in the wild, it’s another story because the wolf is a discreet animal but we can show you some places where you may be able to see them or hear them, with a little luck and patience.

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The Vesubia Mountain Park of Saint-Martin-Vésubie

The Vesubia Mountain Park in Saint-Martin-Vésubie is a unique place in Europe, first of all for its design, then for the activities it concentrates, but above all for the adventures you can live there.

The Vesubia Mountain Park is the spot to swim, climb, jump, ride high, go down a canyon, work your balance, walk underground, play sports, relax, play, nibble, meet people .. all in one space managed and animated by the UCPA team and its eternal sense of sharing. The Vesubia Mountain Park is an indoor mountain fun activity, open on a limitless playground that is the incredible valley of Vésubie, near the Alpha Park. I leave you the pleasure to discover its many facets.

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