Nice, Bay des lumières, Traditional Chinese Lantern Festival


Nice, Bay des lumières, Traditional Chinese Lantern Festival

Nice, Bay of Lights, Traditional Chinese Lantern Festival
November 29th, 2019 to February 23rd, 2020

The Phoenix Park will host this winter, a route dotted with fifty or so bright paintings that will amaze young and old alike. For more than 13 weeks of festivities, it will be the essential walk of the winter season!

As soon as it gets dark, visitors will be able to discover more than 550 monumental luminous lanterns wandering through the park’s alleys, including an 18-meter-high Chinese wall and two 50-meter-long dragons that will float on the lake!

A journey through the traditions and the Chinese know-how illustrated by scenes of lives and fairy landscapes combining vegetation and architectural feats.

– 1h30 of visit will allow the public to discover the 50 luminous tables, composed of 550 lanterns, presenting the different emblems of China.

– A stroll in the open air, in the alleys of Phoenix Park with as a highlight of the show a wall of China 18 meters high and 2 dragons 50 meters long that will float on the lake!

– Peacock Dance:
A traditional dance show of the ethnic DAI dedicated to the peacock, the sacred animal symbol of auspiciousness and happiness.

– Dance masks:
A most surprising performance: the master of Bian Lian comes to meet you in traditional costume. With a surprising dexterity, he changes masks several times. According to the rules of Bian Lian, the movement must be imperceptible to the spectators.

– Tea ceremony:
Gong Fu Cha is a unique and fun way to make tea. The master uses an elongated beak teapot that he turns to serve tea through a fluid and harmonious choreography.

– Kung Fu demonstrations:
Find the performance of the Kung Fu Masters, ten minutes of a breathtaking live show!

– Food Corners:
A snacking offer, both Chinese and Western, will be offered each evening. The opportunity to discover including Tanghulu, Chinese candies, skewers of fruit iced sugar.

Information: +33(0)4 22 32 54 00