Grasse, Capital of Perfumes

grasse capitale parfums patrimoine mondial unesco

The perfumes of Grasse classified at Unesco
The know-how of the city of the Côte d’Azur in terms of perfume has just been listed as Intangible cultural heritage of Humanity.

A sweet perfume of victory floats since November 28, 2018 on Grasse, world capital of perfumes! After a decade of effort, the city of a thousand fragrances has obtained the classification of intangible cultural heritage of humanity of its expertise related to perfume. The recognition of a tradition that dates back to the sixteenth century, but also a boost to try to better preserve it.

Every year since 2003, UNESCO has issued this international label intended to protect “the practices, representations, expressions and know-how passed down from generation to generation within a community”. In France, the gastronomic meal, the Fest-Noz or more recently, the carnival of Granville, have already integrated this list.

For Laurent Stefanini, the French Ambassador to Unesco. This ranking rewards a series of artisanal know-how, from culture to distillation, through the development. This is the 17th ranked item in France, which makes us the European country has the most. ”

Considered as the cradle of perfume, Grasse can boast of mastering all stages of the perfume industry: here, we cultivate jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, centifolia rose, violet and many other flowers and plants before creating on-site blends and marketing the flasks. It can also boast of being an economic heavyweight, since companies in the region brew 10% of global sales of scents and aromas.

Intervention of Constant VIALE at the SENATE November 23rd, 2015

“Every flower is a soul to nature blossoms, a mystery of love in the metal rests.”
The poet, intuition was able to say in a few words and in an intuitive way, the unity of all things.

To approach the beauty a great prudence is required not to fall in the ease of the confusion with the prettiness or the esthetics.
The man of the earth, producer of perfume plants is all the more creator of Beauty that he is conscious, bearer accountant and responsible for what is entrusted to him.
Responsible for the management in good father of a space-box in which he works: the landscape, literally country wise, because coming from the bottom of the ages and who needs to be understood to be respected in a certain obedience to his laws.
Responsible means implemented to live, of course, without upsetting the scheduling of life.
Responsible for the quality of his harvests knowing from the beginning that it is his own psychological seal that he affixes on all his interventions and that consequently this -alpha-quality-matter will be found until the omega in its use by the preeminence of the mind over matter.

So, this producer, does not deliver “a product”, but a fragment of his own consciousness on the move, hence only beauty-coronation can come.
Lastly, because the flower is a living teaching because it has arrived at hatching, it contains at the same time the Origin, being fragment not dissociated from the primordial unity, the seed, that is to say the metaphysical idea of ​​the form that it will generate and the subtle, in describable element of cohesion, 6th element suspended in the ether like Joy, like love.
The salary of Beauty renders a hundredfold the care, the attention, the presence of a living glance, the one that transforms everything he grasps.

It seems more than ever that man needs this Beauty without which he dies. It is at this point of contact that the whole of humanity is concerned. Man feeds on the invisible, the impersonal, to prefer too much their constraints, he can only survive. May being carnal entity, by his senses, he is fit for wonder, saving virtue.
Since then,
Beauty is the thread of relationship between the two dimensions of man.
That’s why she’s vital.
This beauty of flowers, source of wonder she simultaneously carrier of
disruption of our hypnotic ways of living that make the world as it is, subtle teaching of the highest peaks of intelligence: the flower is born, lives and dies without taking itself in the continuity of a personal entity. This Beauty participates in the awakening of a new
consciousness that joins the Harmony of Cosmos-Order-Beauty.
This beauty dissolves man from the obscure, the greedy, because it fills him with his fullness.
It is thus that it heals and heals it (a privatory of war) because it imposes on the ego, always violent of irrationality, its own surrender without violence, accepting its dissolution in its own ecstasy .
Beauty is therefore a subtle raw material of understanding, which is why it moves the senses deeply.
How is this beauty of flowers, beauty “in itself”, accessible to the human brain? It is because in us this Beauty is the emanation of a strange thing since it is a manifestation of the dynamic movement of the immobile spirit carried by … the concealed wings of intuition.
It is a new dimension of the state of peace and consequently of happiness. But if we want to stop telling stories, man has only one mission: to be happy. Why ? Because, being happy, he radiates happiness around him.
To look at this beauty of flowers, light of Condensed Origin in forms, colors and perfumes, allows a partial unveiling of the mystery because in the Universe which is the space full of Origin, human consciousness is a metamorphosis of movement in the immobile managed by the verb and its reflection, Nature … What the man already knows since the Vedas!

So, of course, the meaning of a recognition of the know-how related to Perfume in the Pays de Grasse to the Intangible Cultural Heritage, between all the beneficial aspects mentioned by the previous speakers, is for us, an additional meaning and a new initiatory dimension: to welcome the vibration of the beginning, the only carrier of the regenerative creative state of man.

Thus, to give full meaning to life, starting with the life of the senses, tools of intelligence to explore both the inside and the outside of the consciousness whose meeting point, contact, is that of historical events and existence, knowing that the interior always imposes on the outside.
Realize that the beauty of flowers, offering without return, can not be the interval between two uglinesses, but that it is immensely beyond.
To realize that Peace is not the interval between two wars, but that it has nothing to do with them, is an awareness that offers the silent proximity with the flowers, a motionless journey where all disorder is abolished and in which joy rejoices without a return.

Constant VIALE